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Moncur, Craig-James

Craig-James Moncur


  • A Date with Barry (Barry 2). Dir. Sean Young
  • Fancy Man (Iain). Dir. Stuart Elliot. BBC Comedy
  • Tommy's Honour (Musselburgh Thug). Dir. Jason Connery. Gutta Percha Productions
  • Land of Sunshine (D.I Martin Pollock). Dir. Grant McPhee. Digital Onset
  • Willy and His Balls (Willy). Dir. Hamish Anstruther. Black Box
  • A Brief Hiatus (Mugger). Dir. Hamish Anstruther. Black Box
  • Take it Back (Compere). Dir. Neil Rolland. Coal Face


  • Jeopardy (Harry Hastings) (40 Episodes). Dir. Paul Wroblewski/Tim O'Mara. CBBC/Wark Clements
  • Inspector Rebus (Jamesie McMurray). Dir. David Moore. Clerkenwell Films
  • Monarch of the Glen (Tiger). Dir. Rob Knights. BBC/Ecosse Films
  • How Not to Live Your Life (Charles). Dir. Martin Dennis. Brown Eyed Boy
  • Looking After JoJo (Christy's Mate). Dir. John Mackenzie. BBC Scotland
  • In Voluntary (Will). Dir. Paul Holmes. Comedy Unit


  • Holocaust Memorial (Jewish Boy). Dir. Tony Cownie. Usher Hall

    Radio / Voice

  • Video Game - The Bards Tale 5 (Innocent). Dir. Dennis Miller. InXile
  • Podcast - Whit's Aw This Aboot (Presenter). Dir. Various. BBC Comedy
  • When We Were Queens (William). Dir. Melanie Harris. BBC Radio 4
  • 365 Campaign (Bus Ned). Scottish Government/National Radio

    Commercial / Corporate

  • Toyota Corolla (Driver). Dir. Kevin Thomas. Saatchi and Saatchi
  • Skyscanner Marketing (James). Dir. Lewis Gourley. Cagoule Pictures

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    Voice samples.

    Personal Details

  • Height - 5' 10"
  • Eyes - Blue
  • Hair - Blonde
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  • Special Skills

  • Singing - Baritone
  • Accents include: Edinburgh (Native), Yorkshire, RP, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Most British Accents, American (California, Boston, NY, Texas)
  • Sports Include: Roller Blading, Ice Skating, Climbing, Football, Swimming, Boxing, Cycling
  • Dance
  • Stage Fighting
  • Driving (Car)
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