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Client News

Iain Agnew has just recorded, for BBC Radio Drama, "Moyamensing".

Andy Arnold is currently the Artistic Director of the Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

Bill Barclay recently shot the interactive video installation for "Dynamic Earth", Edinburgh.

Becky Baxter has just returned to Stiven Christie Management. Enormous experience, including yearly Rep seasons at Pitlochry & Perth Rep. And TV series "Rab C. Nesbitt", "Cardiac Arrest" and "Finney".

Leigh Biagi recent credits include BBC's "Shetland - Blue Lightning" and BBC 4's comedy series, "Bob Servant Independent".

Kenny Boyle is currently on tour with "Hero Worship". Recently played Angelo in "Comedy Of Errors" for Bard In The Botanics, Glasgow.

James Bryce 16th - 27th February 2015 sees him at the Citizens' Theatre, work-shopping "From Wishaw with Love" a new musical script by Paul Higgins, music by Ricky Ross and directed by Dominic Hill.

Andrew Byatt is returning to the portfolio. TV and film credits include Stephen Frears' "Balcombe Street Seige", Mike Newell's "Just Your Luck", three storylines of "Taggart", "The Bevellers" and 13 eps. of "County Hall".

Dawn Chandler has just finished playing Dame Donuts in "Rapunzel", having just concluded filming on the new CBBC comedy series "Once Upon A Crime".

John Clyde just shot on new BBC3 comedy "Fried", and is currently working with the loop group on Sony/Starz series "Outlander". Recently shot an advert for S1 Jobs, and a drama-doc for Landrover US.

Sarah Collier has just completed shooting on the short "Bingo!", and recently filmed a corporate video for IBM.

John Cooke has just completed filming on Lionsgate's "Now You See Me - The Second Act", featuring Morgan Freeman & Michael Caine, having just returned from Helsinki after filming on "Tral" for a Finnish production.

Michael Cooke has just completed filming on Lionsgate's "Now You See Me - The Second Act", featuring Morgan Freeman & Michael Caine, having just completed "Cinderella" for Hopscotch Theatre.

Ailsa Courtney recent film work takes in, the title role, in "Angelina Damon", directed by Sandy Nelson.

Alexander Cowan most recently played a principal character in the short film "Bird".

Tony Croft will shortly be seen in John Maclean's "Slow West", as the character Angus, (which has just won "World Cinema Jury Prize : Dramatic Winner" at the Sundance Film Festival). Just completed filming in South Africa & Namibia on "3 Mobile".

Jill Daley recently completed filming the lead role, on "Five Day Shelter" for Paradox Pictures. She fronts a daily radio programme.

Andrew Dallmeyer recently completed shooting, the feature "Eliza Graves", with Michael Caine & Ben Kingsley. This immediately followed the feature "Kaminski & Me", which he filmed in Cologne.

Michael Daviot is about to film the role of Samuel Goudsmit in the TV docu-drama "Atomic Bomb".

Graham De Banzie has most recently worked on a major role play contract for a professional body's examination board.

Jonathan Deverell was recently seen in a network TV commercial campaign for a major bookmaker.

Vince Docherty will be seen shortly in a Northern Ireland Health Board TV commercial. This followed his stage work in "The Celts in Seville" and filming on "Waterloo Road".

Greg Drysdale strongly featured in the last RBS TV commercial. Recently shot on both "The 4 O'clock Club" and BBC's "M.I. High".

Gregor Duncan is currently a senior lecturing tutor in Acting Studies. Last seen in the BBC sitcom series, "Dear Green Place".

Ian Falconer was last seen in the American features "A Young Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court", "Prince John ", "Dangerous Prey" and "Sacred Cargo" as well as BBC TV's "Monarch of the Glen" & "Sea Of Souls".

Benjamin Ferguson recently shot on the short "I survived … Apocolypse", having recently filmed on the feature "Happy Lands" and "Fairy Flag". Theatre-wise, he recently played Benvolio in Hipshot Theatre's "Romeo & Juliet".

Jock Ferguson recently concluded a series of role play scenarios.

Gregor Firth recent screen credits take in the BBC Scotland soap, "River City" and "Oddschecker" a TV Commercial for Lotto and "Quit Kit", an anti-smoking campaign for the Northern Ireland Health Board.

Kay Gallie 23 March sees her commence rehearsals for "Broth", which the plays 6 - 18 April at the Oran Mor, Glasgow and the Traverse Theatre, having recently toured "Flying With Swans".

Kirsty Halliday has recently completed playing Amy in "Lockerbie: Lost Voices" for Elements World Theatre.

Kerry Lyn Hamilton has recently completed the feature "Fairy Flag", having just shot on the American series "Million Dollar American Princesses".

Jason Harvey recently appeared in a corporate for "IBM" and Icon Theatre's tour of "Release".

Steve Hay has just concluded voicing on Michael Fassbender's forthcoming "Macbeth". Prior to this, he filmed on the period epic "Outlander".

Sarah Henderson is currently loop voicing on "Outlander".

Sean Higgs has just shot on the award-winning Norwegian TV drama series "DAG", having recently shot on the new C4/Clerkenwell Films comedy series, "Cut".

Mia Hutchinson-Shaw is a recent graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Recent films credits include "The 36" and "Sarah", playing the title role.

Aaron Jones recently returned from touring Italy in "Kidnapped", following "Taking Over The Asylum" at the Glasgow Citizens' Theatre.

Joanna Kaczynska has recently completed filming on "Baobhan Sith" following recording, opposite Juliet Stevenson, the lead role of Lena in BBC Radio's "Homeless".

Anthony Kelly has recently reprised his role of Tim in "Singing I'm No A Billy, He's A Tim", in Belfast.

Jacques Kerr has most recently been seen in BBC's "Pram Face" and the feature "Outpost : Black Sun".

Lubna Kerr currently under consideration for then latest "Bond" film, having recently completed the hugely successful stage version of BBC’s Scottish sit-com “Still Game”.

Nomann Khan is currently touring Scotland, till mid March, with T.I.E. company, Theatre &.

Philip Kingscott January to March 2015 sees him in "Shakespeare vs Shakespeare" and "To be or note..." at Italy's National Theatre (Piccolo Teatro) before touring theatres throughout Italy, until April, with his one-man show "The Moonlit Road and other ghostly tales".

Fiona Knowles has, since 1992, performed a new one-woman comedy drama every year averaging around 70 to over 100 performances a year.

Eliza Langland recently completed shooting on Sony/Starz; epic, "Outlander". Also recorded the BBC R4 drama "A New Lease of Life", playing a Brothel Madam.

Sam Laydon most recently voiced on Caledonia TV's historic documentary "Montrose: Scotland's Greatest Warrior".

Martha Leishman has been voicing on the BBC network documetary "Planet Oil" following shooting a corporate for "Standard Life".

David Leith has just shot the latest "Dunelm" TV commercial following on from the short "Monday or Tuesday".

Jamie Lemetti has just completed the latest "Bank Of Scotland" TV commercial", this follows "Snow White" at the Alexander Theatre, Bognor Regis.

Kevin MacIsaac recent credits include "Parer's War" for ABC, and "In Your Dreams" for Endemol Australia.

Clunie Mackenzie recently filmed on the German feature "My Summer In Scotland".

Michael Mackenzie recently finished the Chichester/Royal Lyceum co-production, "Pressure". Last seen, alongside Colin Firth, in the feature, "The Railway Man". Recently recorded, the BBC 4 radio drama "A New Lease of Life".

Maggie MacRitchie recently completed shooting on BBC's "Waterloo Road" and "Crimewatch".

Ruth McGhie is about to shoot the next "Irn Bru" viral. This follows filming on The Comedy Unit's C4 commission "Scotland In A Day".

Barry McGinley most recent stage work includes Henry V (Bourbon) for Bard In The Botanics, Glasgow and Medea (Jason) for Unsub Productions. Recently played McClare (the Footman) in "Downtown Abbey", directed by Andy Goddard.

James Martin has just completed filming on the feature "Scottish Mussel". This follows his recent wrap on C4's comedy series "Scrotal Recall". Will shortly be seen in John Maclean's forthcoming new feature "Slow West".

Rodney Matthew has just been King Ogre in "Jack and the Beanstalk" at the Brunton Theatre, Edinburgh, following his tour of "The Forgotten Orchard", for EcoDrama.

Finlay McLean recently completed Bard In The Botanic's production of "Henry V", playing Fluellen and the King of France. This follows filming on the feature "Hector" and BBC's "Waterloo Road", playing Dr. Cunningham.

Paul Mitchell recently featured, as a football commentator, in the massive worldwide television commercial for NIKE's 2014, Brazilian World Cup campaign.

Tom Moriarty has just completed filming on "Wonderland".

Gareth Morrison is about to use his horse-riding skills, as cavalry officer, Corporal John Dickson, in the BBC's " Waterloo's Warriors", shooting in Ireland and Surrey , and commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

Paul Murray recently played the role of Court Usher, in "Conflict In Court", at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Naomi Neilson recently shot on the Sony/Starz period epic, "Outlander". Can be seen in the current "Tunnocks" TV commercial.

Alyson Orr recently completed a cruise engagement with her female trio, The Swing Cats.

Christopher Page has just returned from the USA, where he won the “Best Actor” for his film “Eleven” (which he also wrote) at the Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey, USA!

Jane Nelson Peebles most recently concluded a short entitled "Norman".

Sheena Penson recently played Mother in "Little Red Riding Hood" in Edinburgh.

Jacqui Prentice has just recently reprised her role in the BBC Scotland soap "River City".

Robert Read has just concluded playing Dame, in "Jack and the Beanstalk" at the Brunton Theatre, Edinburgh. Has also been loop voicing on "Outlander".

Pamela Reid 2 March to 10 May 2015 sees her playing Isabel in "The Straw Chair" for Borderline/Hirtle Production's joint touring production. This follows script development work for Magnetic North.

Rosalee Ross recently played Nina in Theatre Alba's "The Seagull".

Douglas Russell Just wrapped on Finite Productions feature "Pit Stop", in the role of Ewan. This followed 4 weeks filming on "Eve" (playing Head of Security) as well as having recently wrapped the role of Lennox, in the Sony/Starz period epic "Outlander".

Donn Shankland has just filmed on the next "Aldi" TV Commercial campaign.

Bernard Sharpe has just filmed, as lead, the promo for "Strictly Come Dancing".

Zuleika Shaw recently returned to Stiven Christie Management.

Clare Sheppard just completed voicing a corporate video for Police Scotland.

Ronnie Simon 23rd March to 17th October 2015 sees him in daily Rep at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, playing Arnold in "Improbable Fiction" and Alan Bennett in "The Lady in the Van".

Donald Sinclair recently voiced on the forthcoming Fassbender feature "Macbeth" and has been continuously voicing on the period series "Outlander".

Justin Skelton has recently filmed on the American TV series, "The Millionaire Princesses".

Ashok Srivastava was last seen in the BBC sitcoms "My Life In Film" and "Still Game".

Andrew Stanson recently finished shooting on C4's new comedy series, "Drifters", playing the studio sound engineer.

Garry Stewart has recently completed "Short Supply" (a new feature by Kevin Molony) and recently played a lecturer in BBC's "Pramface".

Lesley Stone recently completed filming on CBBC's "Topsy and Tim".

Ruth Strain most recent credits include "Romeo & Juliet", and "Annie".

Liz Strange December saw her play an "ugly sister" in this year's Panto in Livingston. This followed a corporate for "NatWest" Bank.

Grant Thomson was most recently seen in the films "Electric Man" and "Made Of Honour" and the BBC sitcom "Still Game".

Arron Usher Just finished panto having recently filmed the BBC comedy sketch show "Don't Drop The Baton!".

Ross Watson has just returned from touring France with Quorum Theatre, as Nigel in "Checking Out" and Charlie in "The Genuine Article".

Alexander West played in "My Elevator Days" in Helsinki, for Finnish theatre company, Svenska Teatern.

Iain Wotherspoon has just completed the title role of "Wizard Of Oz", at the Epsom Playhouse.

Cara-Louise Wicks has just returned from touring France with Quorum Theatre, as Jacqueline in "Checking Out", and Emily in "The Genuine Article".

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